1. 7/7: Faxasund
  2. 8/7: Sveinstindur
  3. 9/7: Skaelingar
  4. 10/7 Hólaskjól
  5. 11/7 Strutslaug
  6. 12/7 Landmannalaugar
  7. 13/7 Álftavatn
  8. 14/7 Emstrur
  9. 15/7 Þórsmörk

2012, July 6 - 19

a walk through the interior of southern Iceland.

My fourth trip to Iceland. I planned to do an 11 day hiking trip in and around the area of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, a spectacular area in the highlands of southern Iceland. The first part would go through lonely landscapes, the last part being Iceland's most popular hike, the "Laugavegurinn" from Landmannalaugar to Thórsmörk. So far, I had avoided this trail - I knew it was going to be too crowded for my taste - but, I felt I had to do it once to see it it is really worth it. After the hike I planned to go the Vestmannaeyjar islands to relax a couple of days before flying back home.

After my first visit in 2009, I went back to Iceland every summer. The first two trips I did a lot of travelling around, using public transport, seeing many different parts of the country. I did a lot of hiking on those trips, but they were mainly long day hikes and 2-day hikes. In 2011 things got more adventurous: I did longer hikes in the Westfjords, on the Hornstrandir and on the southwest peninsula towards Látrabjarg. Both hikes were quite difficult: I wasn't able to cover large distances per day, but it gave me the experience I needed.

By now, I was confident to cross rivers, and knew what difficulties in terms of landscape and weather I could expect. So, in 2012 I planned a route where I was going to be alone for most of the time. Hiking alone is always a risk, but by being prepared those risks can be minimized.

I wrote down my 2012 experiences; it might inspire or help someone to do something similar. It's a long read and I seriously doubt if anyone in the world will read it from top to bottom; it might be boring, I admit it. If you don't feel like it: just look at the pictures; thanks to the great weather I was able to shoot quite a few, and some of them tell more than words.


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