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dinner ball

The dining table is the simple but effective GRIMLE, made by Ikea but no longer in production. The mustard yellow Delfy Lux chairs (Gino Carollo, 2006) have a shape which reminds me of Arne Jacobsen chairs, but with a more Luigi Colani feel to them.

Of all my stuff, my favourite has to be the ball shaped dinnerware, 'La Boule' (1971) designed by Helen von Boch in the 'Avant Garde' series, produced by Villeroy&Boch. It consists of 19 pieces, for 4 people. The 'La Bomba' cutlery (1971) is also by Helen von Boch in the Avant Garde series. Both are in excellent condition, even better than the ones displayed in La Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

I still haven't made up my mind aboutr the 1960s kitchen cabinet. Fact is: I like it a lot. But, gradually as the rest of the room changed, it feels a bit out of place. Then again, it is a certain value to see this object outside its natural environment: grandma's kitchen. Everybody - at least in The Netherlands - recognizes this one. Still, if you'd be looking for one, you'll find that they have become pretty rare, yet, they don't represent any significant amount of money. Therefore, I would never ever sell it.

Originally, there was a wall between the living room and the study/bedroom. The new room divider, which is sort of half-open is placed ~60cm back in the study, creating just a little more space for the dining table. This room divider also consists of cheap IKEA elements: a 2x4 and 4x4 EXPEDIT. On Ikeahacker it was blogged how I transformed it into what it is now.

bedroom view