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brown and orange

Since the apartment was built in the early 70s, the original tilework in the hallway (and kitchen) inspired me to do a brown-and-orange styled decoration. It didn't really work until I painted the lower half of the walls in a chocolat brown. How spending €5 for a liter of wallpaint can make such difference. The letters on the doors - in Freestyle font - make sure I won't ever get lost in my palace. ;)

There isn't really a lot of space to work with - it is pretty much filled up by the fridge and hallstand (Tubax, Belgium, 1968). The shelves high up the wall provide extra storage. The orange wall shelf is by Crayonne.

The hallway is the only part of the house which I don't mind being described as 'retro'. I guess it is, in a way. ;)

bedroom view