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the unfinished room

This part of the house still needs work. The wall paper was there from the beginning, and though initially I had my doubts about it, but in retrospect I am really happy with my choice. It was sold here, but it is no longer available.

The rounded window gives a nice 'space odissey 2001'-effect. Some work-in-progress pictures can be found here.

The arch on the ceiling has 6 halogen lights, which is very convenient for doing DIY work, since there are no hard shadows.

The white cupboards high on the wall were my first project using bendable plywood. Here are some pictures of their construction.

The other wall with square cupboards has yet to be completed. The desk is going to be replaced by a white one, and slightly smaller; I found out the bigger my desk is, the bigger the mess. I still don't know exactly how I want to finish it. I very much like the Islamic muqarnas which can be found in mosques all around the world. It would be great to do a more stylized version of that, but I am still waiting for inspiration.

After finishing the project, the brown vinyl floor is going bo be extended to the study, so the threshold can disappear again, creating an optically larger space.

Most important design: green Bartoli chair (Carlo Bartoli 1974, Kartell), Boby trolley (Joe Colombo), Uten Silo (Dorothee Maurer-Becke 1969, Vitra), Ero|s| swivel chair (Philip Stark, Kartell).

The desk chair is of course a cheap rip off of an 'Aluminium group' chair by Eames.

bedroom view