PIKO 0015

it's.. a calculator! a computer-hockey game! your private quizmaster! it's.. anything you program it to be!



PIKO elektrik

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The programs

There are 29 programs described in the manual. And of course, the manual invites you to create your own circuits. To label the lights, there is a book with 32 transparent pages, each with 3 panels that you can cut out and stick in front of the lamps. To label the drawbars there are 8 pages of cardboard with strips that you can cut out and place on top of the machine just behind the drawbars. (The pdf's of these books are on the left).

book of transparant sheetspages of cardboard strips

Here are some exemples of programs as described in the user manual:

Program 12: decimal adding and multiplying

This program demonstrates the principles of adding and multiplying decimal numbers. It enables you to eather add up 2 + 4 or 4 + 4, or multiply those numbers. This is the schedule:

program 12

If you pull drawbar 0, 3 and 4, that means your input is 4x4. The outcome should be 16, so the lights that are labeled 1 and 6 should go on.. ow, the exitement!!

Program 29: computer hockey

Get ready for action! Your goal is to get the puck in the goal. By pulling the drawbars you change the position of the puck. Make a wrong move, and your opponent can have a go at it. (The exact rules are in the manual)

computer hockey

That looks pretty impressive! The only problem is that there isn't an element in the computer that could randomize your input, so probably pretty soon you'd find out which drawbar to pull to win everytime, but he, who really cares about that?

Programs 21-25 a.o.: the quiz masters

Many of the programs are "quiz masters": give the right answers to the questions and the right lamps will burn to indicate your awesomeness. Of course, also here the limitation is that it lacks a random element and soon enough you'll know which drawbars to pull to get the right answers. Half of the fun is in building the program anyway. Here is a youtube video from a guy (called 'myoldmac') who actually built a machine and wired it up with program 10:

The same guy put up another very interesting video in which he explains the parts of the Piko Dat. Watch it here!