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The state of my PIKO Dat machine

open box with all the parts

My machine seems to be a rare find. It has never been built, it is shiny clean, virtually undamaged, and all the parts of the machine are there, the small parts even sealed in their original plastic bags. Since it is only a couple of days in my possession: I don't know where it comes from, how it ended up in Amsterdam, how often the box has been opened before, etc.

Here is a series of 40 pictures of all the parts.

Unfortunately, I can't say it is in 100% mint condition; even though the machine itself is in almost perfect state and all parts are there, there are several things wrong with it or missing:

1. The box is in one piece, it isn't torn, but it has minor damages. It has a couple of small cracks at the edges where the box folds. Some areas of the top collected quite a bit of dirt which is hard to get completely rid of (it looks like there has been a slightly smaller box on top of it for many years. In short: the box looks good, but aged. Careful cleaning would improve it a little. I'm not sure of the inside of the box is fully complete; when I bought it, the plastic parts in the bottom where rattling a little because they were loose. I don't know the general quality of packaging materials in 1969 DDR, I really don't know if there should be more internal bits of cardboard. When I lifted the bit of cardboard inside the box to see the bottom half of it, it felt like it hadn't been moved before, but I can't be sure.

2. The paperwork. The manual is there, as are all the 32 transparent sheets (Bogen 1-32) and 8 cardboards (Bogen 33-42). The manual has some discolouration, a few rust stains from a paperclip (I've seen that paperclip on pictures on other Ebay ads, so I guess it was originally there!). The 32 transparent sheets are all in one piece; there is quite severe discoloration on most of them (it is very poor quality paper). Some of the pages are loose (they are bound toghether with arabic gum at the back so can be torn out easily). The 8 cardboard pages are undamaged, but also have a very brown colour. Originally, there should be a sheet with a drawing of the machine and all its parts: this is missing! Also, it included a booklet with addresses of people who you could turn to in case of problems with the machine: this is also missing. If originally there were more papers in there, then they are missing too!

3. All the parts of the computer are there. All the small metal parts and the 13 lights are in 3 seperate sealed plastic bags; unless they made a mistake in the PIKO factory all screws/bolts/etc should be there. The parts are to small and too many for me to count through the plastic. Some of the plastic parts have very minor scratches; it is entirely possiblethat this either happened in the factory of during transport in the box. Also there are some small imperfections on the plastic itself, but that is part of the production process. None of these scratches/imperfections are really visible if you're not looking for them. All the parts can be checked on these pictures.

4. The box also includes some tools: a Smalcalda screwdriver and a small wrench (5.5 and 6mm). What also should be there is a small tool for stripping the isolation of the electric wires and bending them: this is missing. There is a slight change that it is smaller than I think it is and that is inside one of the sealed plastic bags, but I haven't discovered it. And I don't give it much chance that it is there.

5. Judging from the part list in the manual (which is pretty hard to read for non-native german speaker with all these technical terms) I think everything, apart from the abovementioned items, is there. I cannot give a 100% guarantee. If you know of anything that should be there and isn't, please, let me know.

Summarizing the missing parts: 1. the paper sheet with the drawing of the machine and the name of all its parts 2. the booklet with the addressed of the repair shops 3. the small wire stripper/bender tool.

all the parts

As you can see, I took all the parts out of the box, and loosely fitted them together. This was done for 3 reasons:

1. To make sure if all the parts were there.
2. To take pictures of the PIKO dat box and all the parts of the unbuilt machine for documentation
3. To satisfy my curiosity and uncontrollable desire to learn new things :)

Of course, I haven't been screwing or bolting anything together, nor did I break any sealed plastic bag. I handled it with the utmost care.

Also, I have made scans of the manual, and taken photographs of the other paperwork, also with great care not to damage anything. I did this mainly to enable people that own a PIKO dat, but don't have the documentation to make a copy of it. PDF files of these scans are available on the left.