PIKO 0015

it's.. a calculator! a computer-hockey game! your private quizmaster! it's.. anything you program it to be!



PIKO elektrik

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update 28/10/2009: the PIKO dat is SOLD on Ebay

11 Oct 2009 - As much as I love this machine, I don't think I should keep it. I consider myself lucky to have had the change to discover this marvel of science and to experience some of the exitement while fitting the pieces together and reading the manual (or parts of it..). But really, I am not an avid collector of these things, nor have I unlimited space in my home, so I think it should find a home with someone who has a true passion for machines like this.

And it will be for the new owner to decide if they want to break the seals and built this machine for the very first time, just like an east german boy would have done in 1969, or, if they want to keep this for a future generation to give them an idea of the very start of the computer era, the first time that ordinary people could afford a programmable computing machine. A machine made out of wires, buttons and lights that - with a bit of effort - can be turned into 'a machine that knows'.

Sometime soon I will be auctioning this PIKO dat on Ebay. Honestly, I really don't know what it's money value is: the machine is rare ..and so are its collectors. Of course, I will be hoping for a good price, but equally important to me is that this machine finds a good place that it can call home.

If you are interested in buying, don't hesitate to get in contact with me (see left) so I can keep you informed on when it will be auctioned. Also, if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. If you are the owner of a museum, or some other place that will put this machine on public display, I might reconsider putting it on Ebay, depending if we can come to an agreement.

PIKO dat