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R-72 'Toot-a-loop'

The Panasonic R-72 or "toot-a-loop" is a novelty radio produced in the early 70s which was designed to wear it around your wrist. It only has AM band reception and it uses a 9V battery.

They were produced in white, yellow, orange, blue and green. The green ones are by far the rarest. The other ones are quite commonly found on Ebay and in shops.

Plastic nutcracker

uses plastic to crack your nuts.

RF93 'rolling tone'

A shiny orange National Panasonic RF-93, aka "The Rolling Tone", complete with chain, antenna and the small stand to prevent the Tone from Rolling. This one has AM and FM band reception.

EMSA snack tray

Generally considered the most elegant 'space age' snack tray of them all. The colours from yellow to brown look very appealing.

Aitron wrist radio

Another novelty radio, designed to wear around your wrist (if your wrist is very small). One of the many radios produced in Hong Kong, far less sophisticated as the toot-a-loop design. The two silver buttons on the side give it a 'humanoid' appearance when folded open.

VPI radio, YR106

Novelty radio by VPI, looks mostly like a disk version of the Panapet R-70. It was made in several bright colours and it comes with a large strap. Designed to wear it from your shoulder and be the hippest cat in town.

Bartoli coat hanger

Typical space-age plastic hook and knob designed by Bartoli and produced by Kartell. They came in many colours.

Frattini side tables

A set of four nesting side tables - 'Modello Marena' - designed by Gianfranco Frattini, produced by Cassina (1966). Mostly you see these tables in a much more expensive version, made of bent plywood. Apparently, the Cassina company decided to launch a cheaper line called, 'Linea YoungPlay', which would appeal to a younger generation. That would be me! I guess ;)

'sinus' ashtray

Designed by the Austrian Walter Zeischegg these 'Sinus' ashtrays are true classics. Originally produced by Helit, and so is this one. They were immensely popular and since its melamine is virtually indestructible many of them are still around. They came in different sizes and large selection of coloours.

EMSA snacktray

Another melamine snacktray by EMSA, can also be used as an etagere for your jewelry or whatever you like.

R-12 'speed-o-meter'

The Panasonic R-12 is a novelty radio designed to look like a speed dial. Only AM band reception.