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Panasonic R-47a

Another Panasonic transistor radio. A cube on a small stand. It has a very groovy tuning dial. They were produced in different colours, also in black. Mine is in mint condition complete with box; it still is perfectly white without any scratches. It is about the same size as the Panapet.

Friedland doorbell

Plastic 'ding dong' bell in brown/orange. This is a Friedland chime model 301 Seville.

cube wall lamp

Small wall light, designed to give an interesting pattern of light on the wall when lit. Many companies sold similar designs. Ten years ago people were throwing them away..

cube side table

A perfect cube side table on wheels. Originally there should be a shelf in the middle of the cube. I bought mine without it, and to be honest, I like the design better without it. The sides are made of plastic, while the shelfs are fibre wood covered with a layer of formica (or something similar). Since you can find them mostly in Germany I assume they were once made there.

'Sky Scope' radio

The 'Sky Scope' 'Fashion AM radio', made in Hong Kong. Sometimes the desire to come yp with new fashionable novelty radios became a bit silly. This one is supposed to be a 'sky scope'. It means there is a hole from the top to bottom and the transparent tuning dial is right in the middle. You have to look though the radio to see it. It doesn't make much sense really. The radio can be opened so you can put your own pictures on two of its sides.

'plunger' 8-track player

Novelty Panasonic 8-track player designed as a plunger (detonator), also called the 'Dynamite 8'. When you push the plunger the track (1-4) changes. They were made in several colours, at least in blue, red and yellow.

RG-711s 'take-n-tape'

As cassette tapes gained popularity in the early 70s, Panasonic introduced a novelty tape player/recorder at the same time as the 'plunger' 8 track. Also in bright colours. Not their very best design, I think: they look too much like a child's toy instead of the novelty object for a hipster.


Ingo Maurer and Dorothee Becker designed a very famous wall unit called the 'uten.silo'. It is not this one. This one is sort of a poor man's version of it. It is smaller, the plastic is much thinner and more fragile, and the design lacks the allure of the original. Nevertheless, it still looks very decorative.

ashtray set

very simple set of melamine ashtrays. There is nothing special about them other than the fact they look extremely nice together.

Rubik's cube

My childhood toys. Me and my brother had quite a collection of them, and I still have it. I was pretty fast in solving them (and so was my brother), but I completely forgot how to do it.